Downloads: articles and schematics

Here are for download a few articles I wrote for the magazine Guitar&Bass, as well as a few amplifiers and pedals schematics.

You will find here some of the articles I wrote for the French "Guitar&Bass" magazine before working for Peavey. This magazine sadly no longer exists in its original form. It was one of the very few well informed and trustworthy guitar magazines in France... They put Ron Thal on their cover back in 1996 before anyone else!!

All of these articles are in French.

Choosing your amplifier: tubes and transistors.
My first published article on the recurring subject: tubes or transistors? It was nothing new at the time and still is a classic of guitar magazines. But I guess it was good enough for the french Guitarist magazine to plagiarize it only a couple of years after it was published.

Gordon Smith Graf Standard.
Gordon Smith makes really good guitars. I didn't like this one's look but 14 years later, I still remember its great neck and very nice tones.

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe test.
The Fender Hot Rod Deluxe test. It was Fender's new middle-range combo, and it still is all these years after. If it ain't broken, don't fix it.

Four 15 watts valve amps.
Its always nice to come back home with a pile of amps and be paid to play them ... Here we have the Vox AC15TBR, the Fender Pro Junior, the Ampeg Jet II, and the Laney LC15. The Vox won hands down.

Yamaha RGX 721 DG.
Definetly not the prettiest name for a guitar. As always with Yamaha, it was a very well made instrument, but definetly not my style of guitar.

Amplifiers schematics

Here are the schematics of a few rare amplifiers. For more technical information on these, check the Tech talk page.

Matamp GTO
Matamp C7
Soldano SL60

Pedals schematics

I finally got time to scan them! While these Boss and Ibanez pedals are certainly not the most inspiring or mojo-fuelled, they certainly offer a good base for modding if you get them cheap (especially the OTT distortion-types ones).

Boss schematics
Boss SD2
Boss MT2
Boss OD2
Boss HM2
Boss HM3
Boss FZ2
Boss FZ3 (with authorization from Dirk Hendrik)
Boss AC2
Boss AW2
Boss FT2
Boss FW3

Ibanez schematics
Ibanez CM5 Classic Metal
Ibanez TK999 TubeKing
Ibanez EM5 EchoMachine